Alan Rickman's assistant, Melanie Parker, asking for help by "spreading the word" with a problem she's having. She said that Alan has been getting SO much mail from people who want autographed photos that he can't keep up due to his current schedule. So she's been having to write most people back, saying as much. But she said Alan feels that this is really disappointing to them which he feels so bad about.

Melanie was really anxious and worried that people might think he's being all high & mighty or something by not honoring autograph requests, which is far from the truth, of course! On the contrary, she said he genuinely appreciate the letters from his fans and she and he feels really awful that she has to write back and disappoint so many people who are writing for the autographed photos (and apparently he must be getting a LOT of requests!). Which is why she is hoping that if we spread the word, people won't automatically assume they will get a autograph and therefore won't feel so let down.

Melanie said she'd let us know when his schedule loosens up and they can send autographs again.