Raven (ultimo aggiornamento il 18/02/2007)

1) R.A.B.: chi è? Come immagini il suo passato?
I believe he is Regulus Black and he somehow figured out about Voldemort's horcruxes. I can't wait to find out more about this.<
2) Come pensi che abbia fatto R.A.B. a sapere degli horcrux? E perché ne ha sostituito uno?
I don't know how he knew, maybe he spied on LV or someone told him about them. I think he had to follow Voldemort to the cave to get the horcrux. This is another mystery that I can't wait to read the answer to.
3) Quali sono i rimanenti Horcrux? Dove sono? Come saranno distrutti?
I am sure that Harry's scar is a horcrux. That it will vanish once Voldemort is vanquished. Not too sure about the other ones though.
5) Cos'è successo esattamente la notte del 31 ottobre 1981? Chi c'era a spiare tutto? Chi c'era sotto il mantello? Dov'è stato Silente durante il gap temporale?
I think Peter Pettigrew was with Voldemort as he betrayed the Potters. Maybe Albus was there in secret?
6) Esiste un legame tra Godric's Hollow e Godric Grifondoro?
I think Godric Gryffindor founded the place.
7) Chi è in realtà Petunia? Che segreti nasconde?
Petunia is a muggle who was jealous of her Sister. She wanted to be the Witch and has been bitter ever since.
I wonder about the previous mail between Albus and Petunia.
9) Che fine hanno fatto Eileen e Tobias?
I bet Tobias is dead, possibly killed by Eileen or Severus? Eileen may be dead too.
10) Chi ha insegnato le arti oscure a Severus? Pensi che sia autodidatta o che qualcuno (parente o amico) gli desse lezioni da bambino?
I think his Mother might have taught him a lot. But I also think he taught himself a lot of the things he knows.
11) Quando, come e perchè Severus è diventato un Mangiamorte?
I think Severus wanted revenge for being bullied and also wanted more knowledge of the dark side. He felt powerless most of his young life and he decided he wanted to have power and turn the tables on everyone else.

I really believe that Severus wants to show the world that he will not be pushed around anymore and that he is capable of holding his own. (The poor dear)
12) Quale ruolo aveva Severus nei Mangiamorte prima di ottenere la cattedra di Pozioni a Hogwarts?
I would think he brewed poisons and went on raids with the other Death Eaters. I do believe he has killed muggles and other wizards, one doesn't stay a DE without doing so.
14) Quando, come e perchè Severus è passato dalla parte di Silente? Se secondo te non l'ha mai fatto, perchè? E quale ruolo ha svolto durante l'assenza di Voldemort?
I think he went over when he heard about the plot to kill the Potters. I think that Severus had a secret crush on Lily and never wanted her harmed. I do believe that he went to Albus to tell about the plan.
Severus just taught potions in Voldemort's absence. He needed a job and he has the mind of a scholar, brillant and logical.

16) Perchè Severus (in HP1) sputa alla fine della partita di Quidditch in cui fa da arbitro?
Severus helped Harry survive that first match and he took up the refs position in the second to keep a closer eye on Harry. He spat because Gryffindor won.
20) Che legame c'è tra Draco e Severus?
I feel that Severus would be a better father to him than Lucious is. There seems to be a fatherly instinct within Severus that he tries to hide.

Draco doesn't trust Severus because of Albus...well, he may now.
21) Che legame c'era tra Lily e Severus?
This is speculation, but after reading HBP I think Severus and Lily were lab partners on occasion in Slughorn's class. So, perhaps Severus had a hidden crush on her.

I think Lily tried to reach out and befriend Severus and to show him that not everyone is out to hurt him. Although, with his extreme shyness and stubbornness, I think he pushed her away.

I see him as pushing others away if they try to get too close to him. (Like me)
22) Che forma ha il patronus di Severus?
I think it is a spider.
23) Che forma assume il molliccio di Severus?
His boggart could be a basilisk...OR...my first thought was loss of control. Being turned back into the 'weak' boy that he desperately tried to escape.

I am willing to bet money on loss of his iron tight control over everything is a major fear of Severus Snape.
24) Severus è un animagus? In cosa potrebbe trasformarsi?
Spider I am convinced that he would be a spider.
25) Dopo la morte di Silente e la fuga di Draco e Severus, come credi che possa proseguire il loro rapporto?
Maybe Draco will trust Severus better now. Perhaps Severus will try to keep Draco hidden and safe for most of the next book.
26) Come reagirà Voldemort alla notizia che Silente è morto ma non per mano di Draco? Punirà Severus e/o Draco?
I do believe that Voldemort will punish Draco for failing to do his duty. He might be angry at Severus for taking over.

But overall he will be happy that he killed his nemesis.
28) Ammesso e non concesso che Severus sia un buono, come credi aiuterà Harry e l'Ordine nel settimo libro?
Here is my scenario for the finale. I believe that Severus and Voldemort will face Harry together and at the last second Severus will turn his wand on Voldemort and shout the killing curse. Because like Draco, Severus doesn't want Harry casting any unforgivables.

Leaving Harry gaping.
29) Chi morirà e come nell'ultimo libro?
I think Hagrid and Lupin will die and others will fall. But I think Voldemort will die, too.
30) Cosa ha visto Silente mentre beveva la pozione nella grotta?
He saw the students being tortured and he begged for them to be spared and to allow him to take their place.
31) C'è un mistero nella vita di Silente?
33) Quando è diventato preside Silente? Nel 1956 (da HP6) o nel 1970 (da HP3)?
I am not sure. I will go with 1956.<
34) Qual è, se c'è, la ragione di ferro di Silente per fidarsi di Severus?
I believe it is an unbreakable vow that Albus had Severus swear to.
35) Nasconde qualcosa Aberforth Silente? Avrà un ruolo nel prossimo libro?
Yes he will have a role in book 7.
36) Ma i prof di Hogwarts sono tutti single?!
42) Perchè Voldemort chiese per sè la cattedra di difesa contro le arti oscure?
He wanted new recruits
43) Voldemort è l'erede di Serpeverde. C'è anche un erede di Grifondoro? Chi è?
Harry Potter
46) Che fine ha fatto Sirius? Cos'è il velo dietro al quale è caduto?
He is behind the veil. I think it is the land of the dead.
47) Che fine ha fatto lo specchietto di Sirius? Verrà usato e come?
It got broken, but I think it may be used.
48) Cosa scrive Hermione a Krum? Credi possa avere importanza nell'ultimo libro?
Possibly updating him on the things going on. I think Krum will come to her aid in book 7.
49) Che fine ha fatto Ollivander?
I believe he left.
52) Cosa succederà a Bill dopo i morsi del licantropo? Acquisterà qualche potere? Manifesterà istinti o comportamenti (anche pericolosi per chi gli sta intorno) tipici dei lupi mannari?
He might become a werewolf or he could be disfigured. He needed Severus's sing song spell and Dittany.
53) Percy si riunirà con la propria famiglia o rimarrà sempre e comunque fedele al Ministero?
No. I think Percy will always be a jerk.
54) Si avvererà l'incubo di Molly Weasley, cioè che possa morire qualche membro della sua famiglia?
It is possible.
56) Chi manifesterà poteri magici in età avanzata? (JKR ha escluso Petunia)
Filch or Mrs. Figg
58) Si concretizzerà infine il rapporto tra Hagrid e Madame Maxime?
60) La madre di Neville riacquisterà la ragione?
No. I think neither one will regain their sense. But I hope Harry avenges Neville. Personally, I would love to read about Neville getting Bellatrix back for his parents.
65) Se hai altre teorie che non hai potuto esporre, scrivile qui:
I have another thought, I am wondering if Fenrir Greyback bit Draco Malfoy. He was written as haggard and greyish looking just like JKR writes Lupin. Hmm...I wonder if that thing on his arm is a werewolf bite instead of a Dark Mark?