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1) R.A.B.: chi è? Come immagini il suo passato?
Sirius' dead brother, Regulus Arcturus Black.
2) Come pensi che abbia fatto R.A.B. a sapere degli horcrux? E perché ne ha sostituito uno?
Well, Voldemort said in 'Goblet of Fire' that the death eaters knew about his efforts to defeat death so I guess he might have said something that captured R.A.B.'s attention and later on helped him to conclude that Voldemort was dealing with horcruxes.
The Black family is a very old one obviously related with the use of Dark Magic (their house is a proof of this), we know from Sirius that his parents were strong supporters of the Dark Lord until they realized his true evil nature. My guess is that there must be something in the history of the Black family, maybe an ancient forbidden book that used to pass from generation to generation, where they were able to find information about horcruxes.
R.A.B. = Regulus (and maybe his parents) might have been very proud of the purity of their blood but that does not mean they were evil persons. Probably Regulus understood that it will be dangerous for the whole wizarding world if Voldemort did obtain immortality. Immortality would make him unstoppable and a very cruel non-human thing that will show no mercy at all.
We know also that to deal with horcruxes is such a terrible thing that Hermione was not able to find information about this nowhere, not even in the Restricted Section of Hogwarts' library.
I think that Regulus saw the upcoming disaster for the wizarding community in the hands of a mad & immortal Voldemort and did what he could to help to prevent it.
3) Quali sono i rimanenti Horcrux? Dove sono? Come saranno distrutti?
Remaining horcruxes: I'm with Dumbledore in this, I believe what he said: something from... from Ravenclaw? Oh well, I forgot the list! (Mental note to check this all over again) Have only one doubt regarding Dumbledore's words and that is Nagini, DD said Nagini was an horcrux and I have this feeling that it may turn to be a mistake.

Where are they?: There is one in the Room of Requirements, I am talking about the tiara Harry saw there... but please do not ask me of which Founder it is.
Nagini (if it is an horcrux indeed) is wherever may be Voldemort and the rest are... well... hidden! LOL!

How will they be destroyed?: How can I know this? I am a Muggle!
9) Che fine hanno fatto Eileen e Tobias?
IF the similarity I found between Merope and Eileen is true, Tobias must be dead.
I just hope Snape did not kill him. No way, no way, I don't want Snape to be like Voldemort!

11) Quando, come e perchè Severus è diventato un Mangiamorte?
Oh, I can't remember the timeline for this, I guess Severus became a death eater after his graduation from Hogwarts, but that's all I can say.
14) Quando, come e perchè Severus è passato dalla parte di Silente? Se secondo te non l'ha mai fatto, perchè? E quale ruolo ha svolto durante l'assenza di Voldemort?
Again, I have to trust Dumbledore on this one, he said Snape returned to the good side before Voldemort's downfall.
Of course, Snape told Bellatrix in 'HBP' that he did so following Voldemort's orders but I prefer not to believe him.
Snape did the same as Dumbledore during the Dark Lord's absence, continue living and waiting for the time when Voldemort would make his comeback.
As Hagrid said, all of them knew Voldemort was not finished, it was a matter of time for him to return.
16) Perchè Severus (in HP1) sputa alla fine della partita di Quidditch in cui fa da arbitro?
Did he do that? Can't remember that part.
17) Che legame c'è tra Lucius Malfoy e Severus?
Apparently, they are friends, that's what Narcissa said in the sixth book.
18) Lucius Malfoy evaderà da Azkaban? Se sì, come pensi si comporterà? Da che parte sarà schierato?
Oooh I have such a rambling about this!

I have the theory that Lucius is going to be very angry with Voldemort for using his only son Draco as a way to punish him. Voldemort knew that it was very unlikely Draco would accomplish the mission without risking or even losing his life and this would make Lucius to open his eyes. Malfoy Senior would understand that for Voldemort all of them are of no importance at all and he would choose to be against the Dark Lord in order to protect his own family.
20) Che legame c'è tra Draco e Severus?
After the events on the Astronomy Tower, I guess they would find themselves stucked together for one reason or another.
21) Che legame c'era tra Lily e Severus?
From what we know, Lily tried to protect Severus from the Marauders and he rejected her help. We know too that both Lily and Severus were good at Potions, I think there's a possibility that they were friends but do not support the idea of a young Severus in love with Lily.
22) Che forma ha il patronus di Severus?
I believe that his patronus' shape tells clearly where Severus' loyalties are, so all depend whether he is evil or not.

Have not a single clue but just for fun I'll put my bets on a spider, a fox or a black raven.
23) Che forma assume il molliccio di Severus?
His worst fear might be to fail, to be publicly discovered as a non-worthy wizard and/or rejected as a failure. His boggart may take the form of people making fun of him.
25) Dopo la morte di Silente e la fuga di Draco e Severus, come credi che possa proseguire il loro rapporto?
As I said before, they would be stucked together whether they like it or not.
26) Come reagirà Voldemort alla notizia che Silente è morto ma non per mano di Draco? Punirà Severus e/o Draco?
Voldemort is so cruel and despot that surely would use those news as an excuse to cause pain and fear in their servants. I do not doubt Draco will be punished and maybe Narcissa too if she tries to protect her son. Severus is a different matter, I guess all depend whether Voldemort know or not about the Unbreakable Vow.
28) Ammesso e non concesso che Severus sia un buono, come credi aiuterà Harry e l'Ordine nel settimo libro?
If he is good, he would manage to help Harry and the Order in some way or another.
He may continue to pass important information to the Order or be there for Harry when his last fight with Voldemort takes place.
29) Chi morirà e come nell'ultimo libro?
Hagrid, protecting someone in front of Harry or maybe protecting Harry himself.
If Hagrid survives, then it would be Gwarp who will end dead for a similar reason: trying to protect Hagrid or even Hermy (as he calls Hermione).

Voldemort, of course!!
After all his horcruxes are destroyed, the last remaining piece of his soul would be sent to the other side of the Veil using the 'power he does not know'... (re: prophecy).
30) Cosa ha visto Silente mentre beveva la pozione nella grotta?
I think DD saw his worst fears come true, innocent people suffering and he unable to help them.
31) C'è un mistero nella vita di Silente?

At least, there's the story of how he destroyed the ring. He told Harry that was quite an adventure and he promised to tell him about it.
33) Quando è diventato preside Silente? Nel 1956 (da HP6) o nel 1970 (da HP3)?
I do not know.
35) Nasconde qualcosa Aberforth Silente? Avrà un ruolo nel prossimo libro?
Yes and yes.
37) Hogwarts riaprirà l'anno dopo la morte di Silente?
40) Se Hogwarts riaprirà, chi insegnerà Difesa e cosa lo allontanerà dalla cattedra?

Her marriage with Lupin, at the end of the war Lupin might be hired again for that same post (DADA) and Tonks would decide to stay home and be a housewife.
I want them to have furry little kids with pink and violet hair.
41) Perché Silente ha concesso la cattedra di Difesa a Piton se era consapevole della maledizione?
I believe that, as a part of his plans, Dumbledore knew it was imperative to put Snape definitely within Voldemort's side, at least in appearance, so he could be able to gather more important information or even be there for Harry if the situation might arise.
I think Dumbledore used the curse effects on behalf of his own plans.
43) Voldemort è l'erede di Serpeverde. C'è anche un erede di Grifondoro? Chi è?
Dumbledore is the most likely to be Gryffindor's heir.
44) E' sempre stata sottolineata l'importanza del debito che Minus ha nei confronti di Harry. Avrà peso nell'ultimo libro?
I think so.
46) Che fine ha fatto Sirius? Cos'è il velo dietro al quale è caduto?
Sirius is behind the Veil and, apparently, this Veil is some sort of entrance to the other side. If it might be used as an exit is uncertain, Rowling said no one can return from the death.

Thinking of it, I am not sure if Rowling has said Sirius is definitely dead just as she did with Dumbledore.

Could it be possible that Sirius make a comeback?
48) Cosa scrive Hermione a Krum? Credi possa avere importanza nell'ultimo libro?
Just friendly letters, they're maintaining their friendship through those letters and I think bonds of friendship will play an important role against Voldemort.
51) Grop, il fratello gigante di Hagrid, che ruolo avrà nel settimo libro?
As I said before, Grawp may die for saving Hagrid's life.
Or if the one who dies is Hagrid, Grawp would take his place at Hogwarts as the new Keeper of the Grounds, etc. (I forgot Hagrid's job name)
52) Cosa succederà a Bill dopo i morsi del licantropo? Acquisterà qualche potere? Manifesterà istinti o comportamenti (anche pericolosi per chi gli sta intorno) tipici dei lupi mannari?
Bill will show werewolvish characteristics but he won't be a danger for the people he cares. His enemies are another matter. LOL!
54) Si avvererà l'incubo di Molly Weasley, cioè che possa morire qualche membro della sua famiglia?
Sadly but true, it sounds unlikely that all of her family members would make it safe in such terrible and dangerous times.
55) Che cosa ha visto Dudley quando è stato assalito dal Dissennatore?
No idea.

Himself as an orphan? Himself stucked in Harry's cupboard receiving mistreatments instead of Harry?
56) Chi manifesterà poteri magici in età avanzata? (JKR ha escluso Petunia)

Or Miss Figgs?
57) Il rapporto tra Tonks e Lupin avrà sviluppi? Si sposeranno?
I hope so!
59) Il rapporto tra Hermione e Ron proseguirà? E tra Ginny e Harry?
Yes and yes!
61) Allock rimarrà per sempre al San Mungo?
Yes, that one is finished.
62) I babbani avranno un ruolo attivo nell'ultimo libro?

Hmm... maybe another appearance of the Prime Minister, I suppose.
63) Come sarà la battaglia finale? Chi morirà tra Harry e Voldemort? Che incantesimi verranno usati?
Go Harry, go!!

I bet on Harry, that's all I know.
64) Se perdesse Voldemort, che fine faranno i Mangiamorte?
They'll end in Azkaban or dead and their Dark Marks gone forever.
65) Se hai altre teorie che non hai potuto esporre, scrivile qui:
What??!! Something else???

I am exhausted!

Hey, now that I think of it, I thought once a theory regarding Caradoc Dearborn, a missing member of the first Order of the Phoenix, I thought it might have been Snape's faked identity in that time.
Ooh, and the 'put a stopper to death' theory, I believe that Snape did not kill Dumbledore but 'uncorched' the stopper and the dark magic controlled in Dumbledore's injured hand got released. That was what killed DD, not Snape.

I've done loads of ramblings but now I can't think of anything else.